What to bring to a rally?

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What to bring to a rally?

Rallies are fun, if you come prepared. First, check the details of the event & remember not all events are 'rallies'. For instance, the Kosciuszko (hosted by BMW Motorcycle Club Canberra) at Geehi Hut Campground on the Alpine Way in the beautiful Snowy Mountains requires camping and cooking. Whereas our own annual Far Cairn Rally to Tottenham, NSW has the option of staying at the local hotel. Then again, the Road Ride Weekender is more skewed to hotel accommodation and RSL food & a cafe breakfast is more of a 'run' then a 'rally'.

When it comes to tools and motorcycle gear, riders can be tempted to bring every farkle they think they'll need. By definition, anything categorised as a 'farkle' is somewhat unnecessary. So think hard about some of those gadgets and novelties and how they actually contribute to your ride in comparison to their weight and the space they take up.

Remember to pack some empty space. Sounds weird, but it is true. You might purchase a collectable along the way, or pick up something another rider has lost. Similiarly, make sure a spare strap or two is within reach. A couple cable-ties wouldn't go astray, either.

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