Traveling interstate? Some CTP things to know

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This link will take you to a webpage that discusses NSW Compulsory Third Party Insurance (also called Green Slips), what it covers and what it doesn't. NSW registered vehicle owners will be familiar with CTP insurance, but your policy is designed to be used in NSW and any claim when traveling interstate heavily depends on that state's own system and how it differs from the NSW system.

As such, riders and drivers ought to familarise themselves with the table at the bottom of the webpage, where you will also find a link to download a PDF version.

A notable example is NSW-registered vehicles involved in a road incident in Tasmania.

The Motorcycle Council of NSW is involved with SIRA to improve the circumstance. It has been said riders can overcome the lack of coverage when traveling to states that vastly differ from NSW by purchasing a private health care policy.  

This article does not constitute advice. It is imperative riders conduct their own research and ascertain their own risk and any remedies. Further information can be sought from the MCC of NSW on their website

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