Review Report: Road Ride Weekender 2022

Justin Dorward
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Review Report: Road Ride Weekender 2022

The concept of this ride was quite simple; to take road touring bikes across popular sealed roads to a beautiful small town for a weekend. Oberon certainly played the part. A beautiful town with all the amenities a touring motorcyclist would need. Everything is in walking distance. Our plan was to use the RSL courtesy bus, but it wasn't required.

We were quite lucky with the weather, for sure. As news headlines told us about inclement weather and flooding in parts of NSW, there's no doubt many potential riders decided early not to chance it. Many of us left the final decision until the Friday night and even early Saturday morning, and a quick look at the rain radar gave us hope. Though, the wet weather gear was packed on top, because it was likely we'd need them at some time over the weekend.

As it turned out, it was much later than we thought. Some of us didn't see precipitation until the last kilometer riding into Oberon.

The sky opened in the final kilometer into town! And left just as quickly.

Lunch earlier in the day surprised us with a bustling Lithgow township. Eating at the Workers' Club, the window scenery was alive with some locals going for a roll (foreground) while the dish-lickers kept punters busy (background).

Bet on the bowling AND the grehounds... What a multi!

Dinner Saturday evening was well patronised and having booked the function room for ourselves paid dividends as we made our own ruckus. Stories were shared and created as some ideas for the RRW 2023 event were posed, too. But as always, you need to attend.

Sunday morning breakfast at Cafe Oberon almost lead into brunch, as the morning fog cleared to weather similar to Saturday.

GS stands for Great Service, when it comes to Cafe Oberon

Some of us decided to take O'Connell road to Bathurst and see if the weather held out long enough for a few laps of Mount Panorama, and it did.

After a few laps we headed down the Great Western Highway towards Sydney, happy to take the most direct route as it now seemed inevitable we'd reach some wet weather, but barely 100km from home, it wasn't as issue.

Until October 2023 and the next RRW, ride safe!

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This was a Motorcycle Awareness Month event. The BMW Touring Club of NSW supports the Motorcycle Council of NSW..

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