Report: Private Motorcycle Collection - Amaroo Bike Museum

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Members free, $5 non-members

On Sunday 26th February 2023, from 11am - 3pm at Amaroo Park, Annangrove NSW around 80 bike enthusiasts attended the BMW Touring Club on NSW hosted tour of Warwick Schuberg's private motorcycle collection. For every club member that attended, the BMWTCNSW donated $5 to Warwick's chosen charity; the Black Dog Institute. Non-members paid $5 for entry. $400 was raised and one of our Executive Committee's employer contributed another $50 when they heard of the event.

We can't thank Warwick enough for his time, generosity and dedication. The BMWTCNSW also thanks friends of Warwick's that donated their time to assist the day.

Added bonus: Warwick stepping some of the crowd that tricked through over the 4hrs through his bikes and bike collecting journey.

Such a diverse and unique collection of bikes. Always room for one more.

Plenty of appreciation from the crowd, especially on the historically-significant individual bikes Warwick has aquired.

Every riding enthusiasts dream, to be able to count your motorbike collection as how big the shed is to hold them.

Though we didn't take any pictures at Vanilla Cream next door, proprietor Kerry was absolutely thrilled with the turn out. The BMWTCNSW offered club members a $5 coffee voucher and Kerry said everyone bought lunch along with their free coffee. Over half of our 80 enthusiasts that attended sat down for lunch.

If you are curious on how to arrange a similar tour for your group or club, contact Stay Upright for more information.

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