Pants tucked into boots, or not?

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Pants tucked into boots, or not?

A rider must not be having a busy day to be thinking about whether your pants ought to be tucked into your boots, or not. Or, you had never thought about it (likely this one). Other online articles are available for your research and they've delved much further into this conundrum than we have, but rest assured this isn't much of a controversy or matter for discussion at the BMW Touring Club of NSW.

It isn't that we all conform to one approach. You won't find a motion in the minutes. But I'm certain when it seems all else has seemed to pass through the relaxing discourse that fireside chats at rally after rally, we come to the same point of personal preference. It can be said wearing your riding pants and jeans over your boots will stop your boot buckles and (potentially) laces from getting snagged on the bike. Whereas, tucking your pants in is often warmer and will stop the pants or jeans from sliding up when your skin needs protection most.

For myself, it is comfortable and is the aesthetic I prefer of the two options. So each to their own! Because the more pertinent related topic of discussion is wearing protective clothing and appropriate footwear in the first place.

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