Ride Report: BMW Earle's Fork Gathering 2023

Henning Joegenson
5 min read
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All Earle's Fork BMW owners across Australia, current and previous, along with all other BMW riders were invited and welcome to be part of this event.  

And what fun was had! Beautiful weather and around 40 entries made this specific but spectacular weekend one to remember. The original flyer has been retained below, but here are some pictures and our award winners.

Hard Luck Award – Ross Goodman

Longest Distance – Brad Wiseman

Nick Bedggood – Best Story (Guest Speaker)

People’s Choice – Chris Demmery

R50 – Colin Menday

R69 – Lance Gilbert

R60 & Sidecar – Henning

R26 – Rob Popplewell

R69S - John Kossen

The BMWTCNSW would also like to thank businesses that sponsor and support our events, which are dedicated to raising funds for charity. In this case, we raised $240 for the RFDS. Thank you to Munich Motorcycles, AMX Canberra, Icon Suspension and Andy Strapz.

Many thanks to Henning for braining this event and putting it on. Love your work!

Mr Earles would be proud

The BMW Touring Club of NSW simply enjoys hosting events of all types, shapes and sizes. Come along next time.

Thanks everyone for coming, supporting your club and having a great time.

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