As a motorcyclist, why should I learn first aid?

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As a motorcyclist, why should I learn first aid?

As a motorcyclist, learning first aid is essential for both your safety and the safety of others. Here are some reasons why motorcyclists should learn first aid:

1. Accidents happen: Motorcycling is a relatively risky activity, and accidents can happen even to the most experienced riders. Knowing how to provide first aid can help you to react quickly and effectively in the event of an accident.

2. Being prepared: Being a first aid trained motorcyclist means you will be prepared for any emergency situation on the road. You will be able to help yourself or others in case of an accident or injury, giving you peace of mind when you are out riding.

3. Helping others: Knowing how to provide first aid means you can help other motorcyclists or non-motorcyclists if they are involved in an accident. You may be the first person on the scene of an accident and your knowledge can help save someone's life.

4. Improving your riding: Learning first aid can also help you to become a better rider by teaching you about injury prevention and how to avoid accidents.

5. Flexibility: First aid knowledge is not limited to motorcycle accidents, it can be used in everyday life and in different situations such as natural disasters, accidents at home or at work, etc.

There are various first aid courses available, including first aid for motorcyclists. It's important to keep your skills up to date by refreshing them regularly. The BMWTCNSW is currently arranging subsidised courses for its current financial members.

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