55th Alpine Rally

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$40 (Prepaid)

Howdy Folks

This years 55th Alpine Rally is going to be at Yarrangobilly.

It will be a true BYO everything except firewood. I won't be bringing the spit this year and might even ride If I can.

I'm after people to register so I have a round figure for numbers for badges etc as some badge manufacturers have minimum numbers.

Im looking at numbered badges (if possible) Henning gets #1 The undertaker gets #2 and I get the last one all the rest are first registered the higher the number.

Stickers,beanies and possibly caps depending on costs. Any interest in patches? I'm not sure of costs yet but it will probably be around the same as last years depending

on insurance costs etc etc. It would be nice for everyone to check in and get their badges etc when they arrive like other rallies so as to save the fuss and bother at Mass

on Sunday :0)

ride safe :0)

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