100 years of BMW Motorrad in 2023

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BMW Motorrad is one of the world's leading manufacturers of motorcycles and engines and has been producing motorcycles for over 100 years. The German brand has a rich history of producing high-quality and innovative motorcycles.

The first BMW motorcycle, the R32, was produced in 1923. This motorcycle featured a flat-twin engine and a shaft drive, which were both innovative features at the time. Over the next few decades, BMW continued to develop new motorcycle models and technologies, including the introduction of the boxer engine in the 1930s and the development of the first production motorcycle with a telescopic fork in the 1950s.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the 1960s and 1970s, BMW Motorrad focused on producing sport and touring motorcycles, including the R90S and the R100RS. These motorcycles were popular with riders all over the world and helped to establish BMW as a leader in the motorcycle industry.

In the 1980s and 1990s, BMW Motorrad continued to innovate with the development of new technologies such as ABS brakes and electronic fuel injection. The company also expanded its lineup to include a wider range of models, including adventure bikes and scooters.

In recent years, BMW Motorrad has continued to push the boundaries of motorcycle design and technology. The company has introduced new models such as the S1000RR sportbike and the R1250GS adventure bike, both of which have been well-received by riders and critics alike.

BMW Motorrad has also been actively involved in motorsports and has a rich history of success in various motorsports events. The company has been involved in various forms of motorsports, including motorcycle racing, endurance racing, and rally racing.

The 100 year celebration of BMW Motorrad is a great opportunity to look back at the history of the company and to celebrate its many achievements. Follow our public Facebook page for dedicated events, rides and more throughout 2023.

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