“Where The Hell Is Murph?”

Editor’s comment: I received a telephone call this afternoon by a non-member who said that I should have a look at this guy called Murph – and who the hell is Murph? you (and I) might ask. Never before had I heard of him, however this phone call changed all that.

This man Murph is a traveller, an adventure rider of a class that few of us will equal. Maybe if this current life goes all pear-shaped I might do the same as what he has done – go travel on a bike with no return ticket… What a dream! -Ed.

The first video is an introduction, the second is a list of movies on youTube. Spend a Friday night,or a Saturday night seeing where Murph has been:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqU2BsNj_Wc]

Murph’s website is here at “Where The Hell Is Murph’s?” website

The videos can be found here at “Where The Hell Is Murph?” videos

Enjoy Smile

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