“Where The Hell Is Murph?”

Editor’s comment: I received a telephone call this afternoon by a non-member who said that I should have a look at this guy called Murph – and who the hell is Murph? you (and I) might ask. Never before had I heard of him, however this phone call changed all that.

This man Murph is a traveller, an¬†adventure¬†rider of a class that few of us will equal. Maybe if this current life goes all pear-shaped I might do the same as what he has done – go travel on a bike with no return ticket… What a dream! -Ed.

The first video is an introduction, the second is a list of movies on youTube. Spend a Friday night,or a Saturday night seeing where Murph has been:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqU2BsNj_Wc]

Murph’s website is here at “Where The Hell Is Murph’s?” website

The videos can be found here at “Where The Hell Is Murph?” videos

Enjoy Smile

Elspeth Beard


One of the first women to travel around the world on a motorcycle was Elspeth Beard and the bike she chose was a used 1974 R 60/6 for which she paid ¬£900 in 1980 – not a small amount at the time, especially for a machine that already had 30,000 km on the clock…

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Eye Of The Rider

Some people of questionable sanity went in the dead of winter into the Snowies, riding Posties. One of these people has a perfectly good GS in his garage, and is a member of our club…