Far Cairn Rally 2012

Pictures from the last Far Cairn Rally… (I have cheated a bit with the picture of George and Charis being from last year; however the FCR is as much about this extraordinary couple as it is about the cause they support: MARI, Motorcycle Accident Rehabilitation Initiative for which north of $5000 was raised on the FCR weekend. Sadly old age and ill health have caught up with George and he and Charis were not able to attend this year’s rally, but were there in spirit. – ed)

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B.A.D. – BMW Airheads Downunder

From a recent email:

Hi John,
Your members probably don’t know about (and if they own an older BMW might like to know about) the BMW Airheads Downunder (B.A.D.) website – The Australia and New Zealand Airhead Community. This is an BMW Airheads enthusiast group, and of course the more enthusiasts involved the merrier!
Kind regards,
Russell Carter
BMW Airheads Downunder