Join The MCC of NSW As An Individual Supporter

And why would you do that? For a very good reason – in fact two very good reasons: the MCC of NSW is arguably the most effective voice that we have to take on the gumnut and its crazy ideas about motorcycling and motorcyclists. We as a group need an advocacy, a political voice to protect out interests and way of life – otherwise the pollies will ride roughshod over us and we will lose what little rights we already have. Victoria is contemplating (if they already have not done so) full high viz clothing to be worn at all times when riding; if Victoria does it, NSW will be right behind – this may well be the next fight.

And the second reason? For the $35 joining fee you get to be eligible for a whole bunch of discounts at various retailers (see link below) and if you are over 40 years old you can get up to $200 off your next CTP – a bargain and well worth the joining fee.

So what’s stopping you? Click on this link to check out the benefits and to join the MCC of NSW as an Individual Supporter. Do it, before it is too late and you see your rights as a rider disappear…

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