Off Centre Run

August 13, 2022 – August 22, 2022 all-day
Adels Grove Camping Park

A bi-annual Australian adventure ride since 1984, before that word was discovered!  Long before we had the internet to communicate, when it was either snail mail (the only mail), meetings at interstate rallies, club newsletters etc Word off the OCR grew!   Well it started something like this …

The Off Centre Run (some say Rally but it is not) started after a number of attendees at the 1982 Centre Rally noted that some riders came by Train and whilst this rally had been a tough test when first started in 1976 (with we believe 26 participants) the destination at the Alice Springs show ground was geting too easy and really a better challenge was needed.  Two BM riders one from Victoria, one from New South Wales, put together an idea for a bi-annual event with floating destinations.  Planned to be somewhat “Off the centre of Aus”, the event had three rules;
1. Have 200km of dirt to get in 
2. Have cold beer (petrol optional) 
3. Be held on the 2nd full weekend of August (weekend after the Border Run), every 2nd year.

This event has no organisers, though of course it has some guidance.  It is not a bike (or rider) breaker, but it is not to be taken lightly.  All riders from all across Australia can attend as the getting there is your real story.  Any bike or any brand, everyone is welcome.  So with that the very first OCR event was held at Innamincka in 1984.  At that event I guess another rule came into play, where to hold the next gathering!  Yes the OCR has also been called “The Gathering”  but in fact the real gathering is the week before at the Wa/SA Border (aka The Border Run).  Anyway, At the OCR about 8 or 9pm on the Saturday night, nominations are called from the crowd (still standing) for the next location.  These are robustly canvassed and the ability to host the event checked, then the winner is decided by public acclimation.    
This group is not a splitter (diluting the effort etc). We know that some like BBs, OAR and many more, ADVrider , any myriad of ADV & Marque Facebook pages, BUT they all cover wide ranging topics & discussion.

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